Jawahir Roble: the first female Muslim referee in the UK

Do you watch loving football? Millions across the world do. However, while the game has progressed down the years, there are still a few things that can change. For instance, we could have more referees from other ethnic backgrounds as well, something we do not see as much. However, things might be about to change soon, if a recent news is anything to go by. If you haven’t heard of Jawahir Roble – simply known as J.J. – get ready to hear the name a lot, as we dedicate this entire article to the 25-year old, the first female Muslim referee in the UK. 

Soccer Pitch, Source-TigerTurf

Soccer Pitch, Source-TigerTurf

Who is Jawahir Roble?

Jawahir Roble, popularly called Jawahir Jewels, is a British female Muslim referee breaking all norms. This Somalia-born British referee continues to gather attention for her charismatic presence on field donning her hijab. JJ inspires thousands of little girls around the United Kingdom with her fierceness and passion for football. The dream started to take shape on the streets of Mogadishu where she played football as a child. With time, the dream turned into her life’s goal and here she is at the age of 25, doing what she loves most. This iconic referee captivates all with the most compelling saga of all times. The story of a little refugee who escaped from a land engulfed with intense wars to become an inspiration for women all around the world. 

Future Plans

Having refereed in matches for London and Middlesex country FAs along with some amateur tournaments, she is at level six currently. But is certain to get a promotion to level five under the wing of mentor Alan Hill. He says: “JJ is willing to learn. She has got the personality and she can communicate. She has that ambition.” He further went on to add that she is a good referee and he could only guide her, but it all came down to her commitment. The Somalian-refugee referee has big plans for her future in football. With her eyes glistening she laid out the coming years of her life. In ten years’ time, I would like to see myself as a professional referee, refereeing in top leagues: Premier League, Champions League: there is no limits. I want to go all the way to the top.”

A Bitter Beginning

As one expects in this age, sadly, JJ’s first appearance as a referee was met with chuckles. She says: “When I first turned up to the match you could hear some boys just giggling.” Other than this, some religious conservatives continue to criticize Roble’s work claiming she’s disgracing the Islamic culture. But being the dreamer that she is, JJ ignores the criticism and breaks all stereotypes with finesse. She possesses 12 awards that shut down the haters along with many other recognitions for her contribution to the sport. We would love to see how this young female referee directs her career to its peak, inspiring millions of women worldwide.

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