Denis Vavro ‘Never Had Any Doubts’ Over Lazio Move

Denis Vavro has given a press conference in Slovakia about his move to Lazio, where he has discussed his move to Rome and revealed more about his feelings about the move:

At that moment I learned that the Biancocelesti had been following me for a long time. It was not a last-minute concern, as happened with other clubs, because Lazio has been working on me for a long time. I didn’t have to do anything but sit down and talk.

“The figures concern the clubs, we are certainly talking about so much money, considering that I did not go to Spain or England, the transfer should have taken place before the training sessions in Denmark, but this was not the case. I was afraid that the companies would not find the final agreement and that I would stay in Copenhagen, but in the end everything went well. Lazio is one of the most important clubs in Italy, it has a great history, it is a step forward for me, and I thank my agent for this.

The three-man defense? No problem. I know we will continue to play with three defenders, it is not a problem for me. I will work hard training after training, match after match. It is up to the coach to decide where I should play. it will be great competition, I will do everything to take the field right from the first race. They play much tougher than other teams, which suits me a lot.”

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