The Irriducibili to remove their banners from the Curva Nord: the details

Irriducibili, Source-
The Irriducibili, Source:

One of Lazio’s most famous ultrà groups, the Irriducibili, have decided to remove their banners from the Curva Nord for next season. Here are the reasons behind their protest:

“The Lazio Irriducibili, taking note of the current historical moment, have decided to withdraw their banners from the Curva Nord. It is not a dissolution, nor a surrender, on the contrary, it is a sacrifice aimed at safeguarding the identity, values, tradition and especially the meaning of the name that the banner represents. Let’s take this first step, with the conviction and hope that other fans will follow the example, and not become accomplices of this dirty game.

“Do they want a puppet fan base? They will have a movement formed by spontaneity and anonymity, with no more acronyms or scapegoats, no more choreography, organised trips or points of reference. This is yet another tightening of a law that is already at the limits of unconstitutionality, which will take shape of 20th of July, when it will be debated in Parliament: skilfully concealed under the cap of security, the desire of the clubs to surgically dismantle and destroy a cultural movement that has always been the purest expression of football: organised cheering.

“Ours is not a step backwards, but a step forwards: we will find other spaces, other squares, other places where we can gather and feed out mentality and our social initiatives with spontaneity, then we will sit on the riverbank and wait for the corpse. We will not unconditionally renew our trust in a terminally ill world and in Lazio society with its leader who are a part of it. We will not be complicit in this destruction that for too long has used and exploited us, but we will remain consistent with the values that accompany us from the moment of reason and for all our lives.

“For all these reasons, for the first time the group will not be present in the ritiro to Auronzo.”


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