Nicolò Armini to renew contract with Lazio

Nicolo Armini, Source- Armini Instagram

Nicolo Armini, Source- Armini Instagram

As reported by Radiosei, the contract renewal is ready for Nicolò Armini, with the current expiring in 2020. Lazio will propose a new 5 year contract expiring in 2024.

Nicolò’s dream  is clear: to become great with Lazio retracing the footsteps of Alessandro Nesta, the idol of a lifetime. Armini is ready and doesn’t want to miss anything. Lazio to the core, the Lazio Primavera captain is undoubtedly the purest talent in the youth sector. After having made his Lazio debut in Serie A and in the Europa League last season, this year Armini aims to remain in the first team on a permanent basis.

Armini is now with Italy at the European Under-19 Championship in Armenia. For the occasion, Armini has chosen to play with the number 13. Based on how far Italy will go ahead in the competition, Armini will take part or not in the withdrawal of Auronzo. He will surely part with the team for Marienfeld, where the second part of the summer camp will take place.

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