Allavena: “The new acquisitions are giving their all to learn”

Manuel Lazzari, Source- Official S.S.Lazio
Manuel Lazzari, Source- Official S.S.Lazio

Lazio continues to work hard at Auronzo di Cadore. Interviewed by the Lazio Style Radio 89.3 microphones, one of the Biancocelesti’s match analysts Enrico Allavena┬áspoke about the club.

“The first part of preseason is progressing well. The team has remained more or less the same, we are working with the new acquisitions to make them understand our way of playing and movements. In Germany, we will have the opportunity to continue doing this. The task of a match analyst is to work on the details in the match and eventually show the manager where he can improve. For these friendlies we have prepared something different, in the next challenges we will implement these changes. There are always many variations, otherwise we will become predictable. Our business is growing,
there is a dense network of match analysts throughout Europe and we are always in touch.”

“We can help new players join the club, those who have arrived this year have a great desire to learn and have received individual material on the movements to perform; they made themselves available to give their best. We have a proven system for years, the 3-5-2. This year Simone Inzaghi is also trying to introduce new systems to be able to change in the current game and give unpredictability. Ductile players are needed who can interpret different game systems. We send personalized videos to players. We prepare them and send them to whatsapp, but this year we will have technological innovations with a new platform where we can upload them.”