Ferruccio Cerasaro: “Here’s How We Are Working”

Lazio are working hard at Auronzo di Cadore to prepare for the 2019/20 season. To speak of the newcomers at the club and tactics Simone Inzaghi intends on implementing, one of the match analysts at the club – Ferruccio Cerasaro – was interviewed by Lazio Style Radio 89.3.

“Last year we did not reach the Serie A TIM ranking we wanted. However, we want to do well and we are working with our certainties, which allow us to be very united.

The newcomers have integrated well and it is also thanks to those who were already here. On a technical level, they are good guys, the first impressions were positive. Vavro? He can give us a great hand. He knows how to attack and has an important physical structure. Jony is a great left-footed player on the flank and offers us an extra solution.

Currently there is no change in formation, which by the way is very ductile. We are working on what needs to be improved upon in relation to the non-possession phase in the game. We study the idle balls a lot because in modern football tactics are the dominant player; we study opponents well to find the right solutions to break them down, exploiting their weaknesses.

In Auronzo there is a beautiful and positive climate, and I am very happy .

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