What makes a top soccer club?

Soccer is undoubtedly the biggest sport on the planet, attracting a large following from both men and women. That fact alone naturally makes it the most marketable sport by a country mile. It unites multitudes, draws nations together, and more importantly brings delight to fans worldwide. It is adequate to say that it is everything about passion. As a sport played in all parts of the globe, building a top soccer club is a process that takes the following ten factors.

Soccer Volley Kick

Soccer Volley Kick

#1. The Charisma of the Playing Unit – In making a great club, having skillful players is important, but it is not everything. Charisma is. Looking at the biggest clubs, there was never a lack of chemistry among the players, on and off the field. A positive mindset, friendship, and overall understanding of each other are the essential factors that bring the team to become one and to connect in a manner that they can only comprehend.

#2. Passionate Coaching Staff – The coaching staff involves more than just the manager, but everyone assigned specific tasks in the coaching department. While the manager must assemble a team that blends seamlessly, the buck starts and stops with everyone as an individual. Looking at the greatest sides today, there is a historical background of great managers and coaching assistants. A special mention goes to the UEFA Champions League champions Liverpool, under the able stewardship of Jürgen Klopp. Klopp cuts a charismatic figure in front of the media, the fans, and most importantly, associates with his team freely. It becomes very easy to love him and his team as a whole; he gives it a global appeal.

#3. Documented Rivalries – Rivalry is a vice, but not in sport, and most definitely not in soccer. The opposite is true, where building rivalries among top teams build a platform for passion and competitiveness among players and fans. Forget the rare cases of hatred and hooliganism, playing for pride gives matches an extra spice. That not only draws fans to stadiums, but it also draws media to the scene. For example, the famous El Classico pits Barcelona against Real Madrid in what has been hailed as the biggest soccer rivalry in the world. No matter the team form, there is everything to play for in this game. It is always a contest for bookmakers such as https://th.betway88.com/product/sport.htm as it is the toughest match to predict. 

#4. Winning Legacy – The biggest way to make a club big is through bagging trophies. The competition is always stiff. Rich teams buy the most expensive players, but success on the field is earned. Fans like to associate with teams with a winning history or teams on a good course.

#5. Beautiful Style of Play – Winning matches could be the most important factor, but that can only do too much. Fans get attracted by impressive playing styles. Every cheer counts, the noises make absolute sense, and the attraction draws even more fans to grounds. Within six years, Barcelona under Pep Guardiola build a formidable unit famed for its intimidating Tiki-taka playing style. They would deny their opponents the ball for long periods, drawing huge cheers from the terraces and endearing themselves even to opposing fans.

#6. Global Fan Base – Growing a global fan base is a big ask, but it comes naturally. After doing everything right, there is no better marketing strategy than winning trophies. Wins attract fans to stadiums, and to some large extent, the only way fans can become ticket holders is through giving them a reason to. Teams have developed a working strategy where they engage in multiple pre-season matches in front of their fans, traversing continents where their fans are found. That way, they tend to go to the fans as opposed to always having the fans to come to them.

#7. Financial Strength – Today’s game is dictated by a team’s financial grip. Teams with stable financial resources are finding it easier to grow compared to the rest. Case in point; French champions PSG have dominated the French Ligue 1 for the last decade since a Saudi tycoon acquired the team. They have been branded the title ‘Money Bags’ due to their bottomless pockets where they buy whoever they want at the expense of other league sides. That way, they’ve been making advances in European football, albeit unsuccessfully.

#8. Marquee Players – The truth is; fans love to have top players in their beloved teams. Teams with the financial muscle to attract the biggest names in football are at an advantage, given, these top players attract as many fans as possible. Imagine having Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in your side. These are some of the names fans love to sing about on the terraces, names that help sell club merchandise and names that will attract corporate sponsorships from global brands.

#9. Modern Sports Facilities – Having modern sports facilities in place builds a platform for success. Fans will be attracted by glowing stands, big arenas, and well-choreographed facilities inside a stadium. It also goes further to give the playing unit the motivation to deliver, not for fear of disappointing their fans, but because they feel well-taken care of and in the right place.

#10. Successful Endorsements and Sponsorships – Today’s sport has become a honey pot for top brands on the planet, resulting in bidding wars between interested parties. Shirt and stadium sponsors are having a field day if only their partners can attract a huge following. On their part, endorsements grow a very significant role in taking the football brand to the world.

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