Claudio Lotito on the new stadium, Milinkovic-Savic and the future

Claudio Lotito, source: Calcioefinanza

On Tuesday this week, Lazio received a resounding applause in their official presentation at Auronzo. All the staff were present, including President Claudio Lotito, as well as the many fans who have been following the club with love for the last 12 years. Lotito spoke to the fans, starting with his words on Lazio’s new stadium:

“The stadium brings economic and financial growth, loyalty and security. First of all, it creates the possibility to increase the earnings up to double whats earned now, because the stadium would be ours 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with an expected revenue increase of €50-70m. With the stadium always open, the process of loyalty and belonging would continue. Then there is the question of security: we would have absolute control and the stadium would be easily accessible.”

Lotito also spoke his position on the Sergej Milinkovic-Savic situation. Here are his words:

“I create a family relationship, so if he were to pose a problem to me about his career satisfaction, I’m ready to please him. The aim is to become part of those teams who have become a point of reference in Europe and today there’s only 12. But it’s normal for a player who proves to be international to aspire to play for a huge club. We haven’t reached this stage yet, but if a player were to come to me in a childish way I would find it unfair to deprive him of this opportunity and then I would have less arguments today.  Also, if you want to maintain a harmonious climate you have to try to please the players.”

Lotito doesn’t run away from the question of him becoming mayor of Rome one day and he reaffirms that his civic sense would lead him to make himself available for the community. According to the President of the Biancocelesti, the mayor of Rome shouldn’t be a political position, but a good administrator. It has to have a greater responsibility of that compared to other cities, given the historical and artistic heritage that has to be safeguarded and enhanced. He then reiterated once again that, after Juventus, Lazio is the team that has won the most.

“The will is to show that we can achieve sporting results not only with money, which is still essential, but with ideas, organisation, humility and team spirit. The goal is to bring Lazio into the Olympus of world football.”

Finally, Lotito discussed the Champions League and the future of Lazio. He repeated that the ambition of the club is still the Champions League, but despite that he still joyfully welcomed the victories in the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italia. As for the future, Lotito would like to achieve Champions League qualification, and that he dreams of passing on the club to his son Enrico, to continue the work done to date.

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