Inzaghi: “Let’s forget about the past”

On the last day day of the retreat at Auronzo di Cadore, Simone Inzaghi held a press conference. Below, his words on the past, present, and future Lazio.

You have gone 73 days without speaking to the press. Taking a look back, how do you feel and what do you remember?

“I remember the finale of last season, with a victory in the exciting Coppa Italia final tie against Atalanta. Then as in all stories, you know I am reserved. After 3 years of work I had to reflect and understand many things. I thought a lot, and now you see me here with great enthusiasm”.

Do you see your enthusiasm within the team?

“I have very excellent feelings about this team. As coach of the first team, I think that this retreat is the best that has been completed here. However, sometimes this means nothing. But there is a great atmosphere. Privately, this morning, I congratulated the boys. Now, I am doing it publicly. They have worked very hard from the first day to the last day in Auronzo and we will start again on July 31st. In August we will have many challenging trips and tests.”

Claudio Lotito has promised a stronger Lazio with or without Milinkovic-Savic for the 2019/20 season. Your thoughts on this matter?

“I’d like him to stay, but I also think that if an offer arrives, it is only right that the club considers it and makes a proper decision. However, if we sell him, we will have an important void to fill. Here in Auronzo, Milinkovic-Savic had a sensational retreat like everyone else. It’s nice to have him back at full force again. I hope he remains, but the market is open and we are ready for every situation”.

Did you receive any guarantees from the club before making your decision to remain with Lazio?

“The acquisitions we made were targeted for some time. Chosen altogether, they are giving so much in this first part of the retreat. Before I decided to stay, I sat at a table with President Lotito, Sporting Director Tare, Head of Communications De Martino, Club Manager Peruzzi, and General Secretary Calveri. We talked with tranquility and the guarantees reassured me”.

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