Official: Lazio Sign Santos’ Gustavo Cipriano

As announced on Lazio’s official website, the Biancocelesti have officially signed 18-year-old center-back Gustavo Cipriano de Azevedo. Simply known as ‘Gustavo Cipriano’, the Brazilian youngster will arrive on loan from Santos, with a €1m buyout. After passing his medical examinations yesterday morning, the player went to the Formello training grounds to sign his contract. Excited, he posted on his official Instagram account with a caption reading:

“Come on Lazio. It wasn’t a day, neither an hour, neither a year, not even a decade, but 13 years. I dreamed, lived, dedicated myself, cried, smiled, and grew up here every day at Santos. But now the time has come 13 years later. I was looking to follow another dream, and I will experience this at Lazio, where I will continue my growth path, with the same look of the child who gave the first kick at the Belmiro village. I arrive in Europe to demonstrate everything I have learned; a new battle in my career begins”.

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