1915 Scudetto Decision to Arrive at FIGC Meeting

Lawyer Gian Luca Mignogna has been fighting to bring Lazio justice for the 1914/15 Scudetto for quite some time.

“It is very important to support this case because it would be something that would change the history of Italian football, restoring a rightly acquired trophy by Lazio that was arbitrarily denied. Unfortunately, this process coincided with the long institutional crisis of Italian football.”

As reported by The Laziali in January, the case definitively became a part of the FIGC agenda.

“During the latest session [January] of the Federal Council, the President of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, requested the establishment of a commission to analyze all requests made by clubs concerning the titles awarded in the 1900s.”

Following this, in May, Gian Luca Mignogna told La Voce della Nord that he had found new documents concerning the case.

“Lazio would also have played the 1915 final, but in May of that year, young people from all over Italy were called to arms and the title was awarded to Genoa.”

Two days ago, the commission created specifically by Gabriele Gravina to examine the titles awarded in the 1900s, met to talk about the 1914/15 Scudetto. As emphasized by Il Messaggero, it was decided that the possible assignment of the title to Lazio will be unveiled between the end of September and October, at the FIGC meeting. All that remains is to wait to see if Lazio can thus celebrate their first title win in its history, with an over 100-year delay…

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