Fabrizio Piscitelli, Irriducibili leader, shot dead in Rome

Fabrizio ‘Diabolik’ Piscatelli, the leader of Lazio Ultra group Irriducibili, has been found dead in Rome today. Reports suggest that the attack was an ambush and took place on Via Tuscolana; the belief is that Piscatelli was shot in the head and died instantly from the wound. This news has shocked Laziali and police are currently investigating to find out more about the attack.

In the past, Piscitelli has been jailed for drug trafficking. In addition, he was also put on trial for an incident of extortion against the current President of Lazio, Claudio Lotito. Throughout the course of his life, the Lazio fan accumulated assets amounting to over €2 million including cars, luxury real estate, and corporate equity investments.

The Laziali would like to send our thoughts and prayers out to the Irriducibili, Piscatelli’s family and friends, and anyone effected by today’s events.

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