The Added Value of Enhanced Odds

enhanced odds - gem

enhanced odds – gem

To understand what value enhanced odds brings to the table we need to define exactly what an
enhanced odd is in the first place.

To put it simply, the term “enhanced odd” is pretty self – explanatory – it simply refers to taking the
betting odds for a given choice or selection and upping it further. So, who does the enhancing?

Certain bookmakers offer such enhanced odds. For instance, let us consider a Serie A football game
between Lazio and Palermo, assume that the odds offered for a Lazio victory are 1 / 4. What this
normally implies is that if you make a bet of $4 on Lazio winning, and Lazio does win, your bet will return
a total of $5 (including a profit of $1). If you do happen to be interested in the Italian Serie A, you should
know that Juventus are the favorites to win the 2020 season with Ronaldo amongst their players at odds
of -225, while Inter Milan and Napoli come in second and third with odds of +500 and +600 respectively.

For Lazio fans, check out all their upcoming match previews and predictions right here.

So, in other words, odds of 1 / 4 mean that for every $4 wagered, you will receive a profit of $1 if you
win the bet. These are not great odds for a punter who has to risk a lot for a fraction of a reward. In such
cases, some bookmakers may offer enhanced odds.

So, in the hypothetical example provided above, a bookmaker may enhance the odds of 1 / 4 to, say,
10/1 – which are way more profitable odds for the punter and gives them a great deal more advantage
to actually go ahead and make the bet.

It is clear to see why punters love and prefer enhanced odds. They are usually safe bets that also pay
well, a no – brainer double whammy! Like thousands of punters across the world, you should also be
taking advantage of all the current enhanced odds the top UK bookmakers offer.

The question begging to be asked at this point is – why do bookmakers enhance odds? What’s in it for

Why bookmakers offer enhanced odds?

To put it in a nutshell, bookmakers offer enhance odds to attract new punters and have them sign – up
or register. Such offers help bookmakers amass tons of new users in a very limited period of time. It is a
simple cause and effect. People see an easy opportunity to make money through a relatively low-risk
bet that offers a good return and they sign up with the bookmaker immediately so they can place the

It is a win – win situation for both the bookmaker and the punter.

Some of the terms and conditions surrounding enhanced odds

In order to limit what could otherwise be a flurry of losses bookmakers usually impose an extensive set
of terms and conditions on the enhanced odds they offer. We urge players to spare a few minutes to
actually read through what strings are attached in each specific case. However, what you can generally
expect are the following terms:

 The enhanced odds being offered is not for all. Given that the main objective of the bookie is to
get new people to sign up, they offer enhanced odds mostly exclusively to new players.

 They impose a maximum bet limit so the return is restricted as well.

 The enhanced odds are generally restricted only to players from certain countries, players
paying by certain payment methods, and also only to players who claim the offer before it
expires (which is usually only a matter of hours).

 Furthermore, if you do place a wager with enhanced odds, it will usually mean that your free bet
welcome bonus is exhausted. So, choose your battles wisely and always gamble responsibly.

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