Back in March of 2018, The Laziali reported that Lazio were scammed into paying €2 million to Dutch scammers. As reported by Il Tempo, the scammers – who knew of the precise details of Stefan De Vrij‘s transfer from Feyenoord to Lazio – tricked the Biancocelesti into paying the last installment for the player into the wrong bank account. Very agitated, Feyenoord announced that they would be starting legal proceedings to obtain the full amount, even though it was not Lazio’s fault.

Until today, news of this proceeding had not been heard of. However, as reported by Radiosei, the two clubs have finally reached an agreement through an arrangement with sports justice in Nyon: they will only have to pay half of the fee (€1 million) for the final installment. At last, the case is closed.