Marco Canigiani, Marketing Manager at Lazio, spoke to Lazio Style Radio 89.3 today. Below, his comments on the season ticket campaign, the Bus Insieme system, and the Lazio store to be located in the center of Rome.

“The season ticket campaign is going very well. We have sold 16,500 tickets to date and the figure will continue to grow even more throughout the rest of August until the 23rd. Then it will be suspended so it does not overlap with the purchase of tickets for the Derby in Matchday 2. Following this match against Roma, we could possibly re-open the campaign. 

I think it is best if the Bus Insieme system is used immediately, starting from the Derby. There are works in progress in the stadium; the seating will be modified so for some matches there will be temporary seats in central Monte Mario. It is not a definitive solution, which is why we have not made these seats available in the season ticket campaign.

“The store in the center of Rome? It is almost ready, the opening should be scheduled for the beginning of the season”.