Manuel Lazzari: “Ready for Sampdoria, I can’t wait for the derby”

Manuel Lazzari, source: SS Lazio
Manuel Lazzari, source: SS Lazio

This afternoon Manuel Lazzari had his first official press conference with Lazio, just a few days before the team’s season opener against Sampdoria. The 25-year-old Italian arrived earlier this summer from SPAL and is one of the most exciting transfers completed this summer by the Biancocelesti. Here are his words:

First question: how are you?

“Sunday I took a good hit, but we managed to organise immediately and I got over it. The recovery was quick, I have to play with a brace to protect my hand. I’m comfortable with it, it happened to me a few years ago. So I’m already available against Sampdoria.”

Are you ready for the transition from Ferrara to Rome?

“A big leap forward, it’s certainly an important step. I’ll do my best to be ready.”

Why did you choose Lazio?

“I’d been hearing about Lazio for a couple of years, my eyes were shining when I talked to my agent about this possibility. A team like Lazio doesn’t come in every day. I didn’t think twice about it, I immediately told SPAL and my agent of my will. And I’m really happy to be here.”


“Last year this team won the Coppa Italia and participated in the Europa League. This season we’ll be aiming for the Champions League as my team-mates have said. We’re really very strong, we have two players for each role. I’m happy to be part of this group.”

What did you think about the formation?

“I’m pretty used to 3-5-2, I’ve been playing like that for four years. But the working method has changed a bit, the rhythms are totally different. More speed and very high quality. As a module and a diagram, I feel great, thanks also to my teammates. Few goals? The coach also said that I have to score 3 or 4 goals a year, I’ll have to work on that.”

The old injury and the quality of the players…

“I broke my scaphoid a few years ago, had to play four months with my brace. With these players there’s no shortage of stimuli, you want to keep up with them, you always try to steal something. I’ll try to be ready at every opportunity.”

On the derby…

“When I got hurt, I had a bad time. It ended up being pretty good. Surely it’s the best derby in Italy, whoever wants to play it. I’m glad I had the operation right away and came back”.

Which teammate did you connect with most?

“I’m a pretty shy guy, so I have to thank everyone. Speaking Italian, maybe I have more ties with Acerbi and Immobile, and then obviously with Cataldi, who is my roommate”.