Patryk Dziczek: A Brief Report on Lazio’s Latest Signing

Lazio completed their tenth transfer of the summer by announcing the acquisition of Patryk Dziczek from Gliwicki Klub Sportowy Piast. The Polish 21-year-old will arrive on a five-year deal for a reported fee of €2 million; this was announced after the midfielder passed his medical examinations at the Paideia Clinic and officially signed his Biancocelesti contract. While many believe the player will be loaned out to Salernitana in the Serie B, similar to Andreas Karo and Sofian Kiyine, it is still possible that Patryk could remain with the first team in Rome. This would be the result of the recent departures of Alessandro Murgia and Milan BadeljTo get a brief overview of Dziczek, The Laziali Founder Steven Moore spoke with passionate Polish football fan Kamil Rogólski. Below, the full Q&A.

SM: Firstly, Kamil, what are your thoughts on Patryk Dziczek’s transfer to Lazio?

KR: Serie A has been the most popular destination for Polish footballers in the last few years. Patryk Dziczek has been considered a talent in Polish football for quite some time. From the interviews that he gave this year, it could be concluded he was determined for a transfer abroad. The only doubts concerned the direction. I’m afraid Lazio has strong competition in the middle of the park today, so that is why I have heard that he is to be loaned to the Serie B immediately.

SM: What kind of player is he? What are his strengths and weaknesses?

KR: Dziczek played for sensational for the champions of Poland. However, I need to emphasize the immense difference between the Ekstraklasa and the Serie A. It always makes everything harder. I mean – to adapt to new tasks and competition. Dziczek in Polish league played as DM (defensive midfielder). His advantages are bravery and speed; he can move the ball round the pitch with ease, creating an advantage for his attack-minded teammates. Bravery also comes from his character. Off the pitch, he is a bit impulsive and is prone to emotions. Sometimes the coach of the Polish national team accused him of chaos in his play. Therefore, he should learn to think analytically on the pitch to better utilize his skills.

SM: How has his career been to date? Has he lived up to expectations and is he a prospect to look out for?

KR: Dziczek has played for nearly every Polish youth national team. Personally I think that he needs to make a step up where the coaches will teach him how to show a smarter behaviour on the pitch. There’s undoubtedly a big potential to work with.

SM: Lastly, how is his name pronounced? Seems a hard one for us non-polish speakers…

KR: ‘Dsichek’ is probably the closest version; Dziczek in Polish means a little boar

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