Canigiani: “We are close to 20,000 season ticket sales”

Marco Canigiani, Marketing Manager at Lazio, spoke to Lazio Style Radio 89.3 today. In the interview, he gave an update on the number of season tickets sold in addition to addressing some of the complaints from Lazio fans surrounding the cost of the away tickets.

“We are at 19,900 season ticket sales. We are missing very little, to reach our goal of 20,000; by the end of this week, we could reach it. The rhythms for buying are not the same as they were at the beginning, but we will reach the amount.”

“Yesterday there was a meeting in the League where I highlighted the problem of the price of tickets for away fans. UEFA has already done something, fixing the cost of the guest sector at the same level as the corresponding sector of the home team,
also putting a maximum price of 45 euros for guest fans. Supporters of the away team cannot pay more than those who are at home. We are discussing this in the League and we will see what decision they will make.”

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