Lotito: “There is a different atmosphere, this Lazio has potential”

Claudio Lotito recently spoke to reporters about Simone Inzaghi’s Lazio. This was following the unveiling of the 2019/20 Lazio Women’s team. Below, the full interview.

“I hope the team manages to express its potential. It is a team that can compare and compete with everyone, but they must prove it in the field. The results also depend on imponderable factors. What happened on Sunday [against Roma in regards to the posts] is a demonstration of this. But this is a further incentive to be even more determined and understand that only through team spirit, compactness, the spirit of sacrifice, and determination, you can reach goals. Especially through everyone’s work, fans included, who must represent the twelfth man in the field.”

“I repeat: victories depend on everyone’s work, also fans, as if they create a favorable climate – one of passion and genuine support – in compliance with the rules, they can make a difference.”

“Champions to increase prestige? From a credibility point of view, today, Lazio has a high level of international credibility. This is both as a result of the role represented by me in institutional-sporting forums and above all for what has been demonstrated by management. In terms of budget and in comparison with other sports. We have reacquired great credibility. Also, we have great corporate strength, so we hope to obtain great results too. This is, however, always based on the team and on the basis of the great commitment we are spending to reach goals.”

“Greater group spirit than last year? I see a different atmosphere, one that is completely different.”

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