Bastos agent confirms Watford and Leicester interest

Bastos, Source- Official S.S.Lazio
Bastos, Source- Official S.S.Lazio

In the past few days, rumours have spread to suggest that there was interest in Lazio’s Angolan defender Bastos over the summer. Reports in the Italian press have suggested that Watford and Leicester City from the Premier League both enquired about the centre-back’s availability at the start of the summer but were met with a cold response from the Biancocelesti.

Commenting on the matter, Bastos’ agent Miguel Correia Veloso spoke to LaLazioSiamoNoi: “I read a lot of news in the newspapers these days, some things true and others less. Lazio have not yet called me, negotiations have not started. In the summer we received three important offers from Watford, Leicester and a team from Istanbul, but Lazio did not want to sell him and therefore it was decided to continue together.

I believe that within two or three weeks I will be in Rome, I will meet the director and we will see what to do. I know there is interest from the club in renewing the contract and we want to discuss it too. He is very well in Rome, he is happy in a big club like Lazio, everyone is happy with him and he is happy with the company. So we hope to find a solution that will please both parties. In football you never say never, if a very important offer arrives for us and for Lazio then we will discuss it. But at the moment it is really premature to talk about it.”

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