Inzaghi: ‘Immobile apologised to me at the end of the Parma match’

Lazio head coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to the press yesterday ahead of this evening’s game between the Biancocelesti and Inter Milan. He commented on several topics, including the fall-out with Ciro Immobile and team selection news.

“Tomorrow will be a challenging race, against a strong team, we have played so many of these games, I want to see courage and a lot of personality. We will find a loaded environment, a full stadium that will always try to incite them. We will have to be good in these 24 hours. We are not trained well, but we have analysed well.

“Conte? Certainly his return to Italy was important. He has great esteem, he has shown wherever he has been, he has always done well, he has done his apprenticeship starting from the bottom. He has a great team, he has spent little time teaching them his concepts. We met often outside the field, we play with the same form, he is a person with whom I talk to about football willingly.

“Ciro had already apologised to me personally, he did it as soon as the referee whistled for the end of the match. Yesterday he made a nice gesture, he apologised in front of his teammates and the club. In this we have grown a lot, Immobile in 10 minutes had already understood at the end of the match, without anyone telling him anything he apologised and understood. There is no case, everything is solved.”

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