Paolo Di Canio: “Immobile is at his best”

Paolo Di Canio, source:

Former Lazio and West Ham forward Paolo Di Canio spoke to Italian media outlet Sky Sports yesterday to discuss the two goals scored by Biancocelesti striker Ciro Immobile in Saturday’s draw against Bologna.

“The strong striker [Immobile] reads the game, makes a choice, takes a moment and then strikes, he doesn’t think twice about it. For the second goal against Bologna the defender slips, but Immobile chose to shoot diagonally and it is not by chance that the ball, which probably would not have gone into goal, is corrected by the deflection. However, that action creates something, an uneasiness for the defence, there could have been a rebound for a teammate. That speed of thought lets you score well because the defender cannot reposition perfectly. The first goal is beautiful because it takes advantage of the error of the defender who doesn’t protect the near post. Immobile strikes because there’s a metre of space: he thinks about the shot, he pretends to go around and then shoots. At the moment he’s at his best, in great shape, reactive, he’s fine.”

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