Ginevra Piscitelli: Daughter of ‘Diabolik’ Speaks

On October 13th, Journalist Francesca Fagnani of Non è L’Arena held an exclusive interview with Ginevra Piscitelli, the daughter of former Lazio Ultra Leader Fabrizio Piscitelli (known as Diabolik). Murdered on August 7th, 2019 in the Parco degli Acquedotti in Southeastern Rome, here are the 22-year-old’s remarks that aired on TV channel La7.

“I had exchanged messages with him, just before they shot him – none of us thought something like that would happen. And in the days after his death, I was afraid…”

“The thing that weighs on me the most of all, is that my pain was almost illegitimate because the news that came out describes him as a boss, and so it’s like my family and I should have expected something like this to happen…”

“Yes, my father was sentenced to four years in prison but today he was free: he was not a mafia boss. It doesn’t take long to realize that with four years you can’t be associated with anything…”

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