Miroslav Klose: “I Would like to Manage Lazio…”

Former Germany International and Lazio striker Miroslav Klose was recently interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport. Currently the manager of the Bayern Munich U17 side, he spoke about several topics including Stefano Pioli’s new role at Milan, Simone Inzaghi, how surprising Thomas Strakosha has been, how Ciro Immobile has similar qualities to him, the possibility of managing Lazio one day, Franck Ribery’s arrival to the Serie A, and much more.

“I’m glad that Milan trusted Pioli, he deserves it because he is a fantastic man. He is the right man for the job, especially in a moment of difficulty. He has rare human qualities and is a very honest person. He addresses problems in a very concrete way – is blunt and to the point – but is very helpful. I’m sure Milan will do well.”

“Simone Inzaghi is doing an exceptional job. I am happy for him and for Lazio.”

“The real surprise for me is Strakosha. When I was there, he was the third goalkeeper and honestly I would have bet all my savings on the fact that he wouldn’t be able to become a starter. He did not convey confidence at all but this just shows that we need to give space to young players and give them time to grow.”

“I always that that Immobile was strong, even when he was at Torino. He works a lot for the team; runs a lot, fights hard, and as a result creates many scoring chances – Just like I did.”

“Would I like to coach Lazio? Yes, my goal is to get to the Bundesliga, the Serie A or in a top league in way possible. Let’s see if there will be an opportunity.”

“However, I am convinced that I must train the youth sides to really understand this profession. Even as a player you start from there and then work your way to the top.”

“Ribery is an exceptional player. I knew – knowing Italy – that by starting well, he would win the hearts of the fans. And so it has happened. This is exactly what stimulates him. With Boateng , he also has important support. In Florence, they will continue to have fun with him.”

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