Claudio Lotito: “Being a Lazio Supporter is a Lifestyle…”

Lazio has opened its first Lazio Style Official Store in the center of Rome. Among the many individuals present, was club President Claudio Lotito.

“It’s done. Today is the inauguration. It is the first store in a long series of locations that we are hoping to open to better serve the fans and make them feel proud of their membership. We are close to the Piazza di Spagna – it is a very particular location and also convenient from a traffic management point of view of. I’m pleased to see all these people here, Laziali have great heart and passion but too often lack in terms of presence at the stadium – maybe they take it for granted…”

“The team is doing well and I hope it continues like this. What I ask is that the Laziali are proud of the club and the team and that they demonstrate it publicly. Being a Lazio supporter is a lifestyle, one must be proud to belong to the first team of the capital born in 1900”.

I hope that fans are present in the match this weekend against Juventus. The fans are tied to the club at the heart, even if they do not always testify it with being present. This is why I would like them to be present as a big group; it is one more element for our team to ensure that they do better and better to achieves results based on the value of this club, founded on the basis of the Olympics.”

“I hope that the team will face Juventus with the same determination they have had so far against other clubs; if they keep that mentality of wanting to take home three points no matter what, we will be successful. I am a fighter, I always hope the team embodies this spirit. All the matches are important, we must never underestimate any opponent.”

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