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Stadio Olimpico

Stadio Olimpico


Looking to support S.S. Lazio or just solely watch a match of Italian football? We understand that people may have a lot of questions; some of the most common inquiries concern where to purchase tickets, where to sit at the Stadio Olimpico, and how to get there. Taking this into account, The Laziali have created a complete guide to make a person’s journey hassle and stress-free. Below, The Laziali shows you how to have a safe, fun, and relaxing time when traveling to Rome to watch the Biancocelesti.

Where Should I Purchase Tickets for Lazio Matches?

Make sure to purchase your tickets at one of the official sale points. These include one of the five Lazio Style 1900 Stores (Lazio Style 1900 Parco Leonardo, Lazio Style 1900 Roma, Lazio Style 1900 Via Prenestina, Lazio Style 1900 Valmontone, Lazio Style 1900 Via di Propaganda), Store Macron San SilvestroList-Ticket Stores and LIS-authorized Betting Shops, a shop named Orbis in the center of Rome, and online. You can also visit to purchase tickets; the ‘Buy Ticket’ button will lead you to an official re-seller.

Note: Do not buy tickets on viagogo or other unauthorized online shops, nor from strangers! When buying tickets you need to provide a piece of identification (ID) and take that same ID to the match.

Where Should I Sit at Lazio Matches?

Map of the Stadio Olimpico

Lazio: Map of the Stadio Olimpico

Curva Nord: To experience the best atmosphere, one must buy tickets in the Curva Nord. On the North-Tribune you will not be able to sit and watch the game, as everyone will stand on their seats and wave flags. If you want to be in the place that you booked, you must be there in advance, as some of the Tifosi will not be in their booked places. A downside to this area is the sight to the pitch is not the best, because of the running track at the Stadio Olimpico.

Note: We would not recommend taking your child or elderly people to the Curva Nord.

Tribuna TevereMonte Mario: For the best view of the match, The Laziali recommends purchasing tickets in the Tribuna Tevere (less expensive) or Monte Mario (more expensive) sections.

Note: Try to purchase a seat near to the halfway-line to obtain a proper view of the entire stadium.

Distinti Nord OvestDistinti Nord Est: The section to the left and right of the Curva Nord. It is not as crazy as the aforementioned section but still has a great atmosphere.

Note: Try to purchase a ticket in this section when you are travelling with others who are not a dedicated fan of Lazio, and not as knowledgable or passionate about the club such as those that are always situated in the Curva Nord.

How Do I Get to the Stadio Olimpico?

Listed in the picture below are all of the possible methods of transportation to get to the Stadio Olimpico. The Laziali recommends arriving via Bus or Tram; just make sure to plan enough time to get to the stadium and also enough time to get home again as the buses will be full, so you may have to wait up to 40 minutes after the game.

Note: If you are wearing the S.S. Lazio colors (white and light blue), The Laziali recommends that you cover these colors until you reach Ponte Milvio; individuals supporting the Biancocelesti should head towards the area to get out of Romanisti territory.

How to reach the Stadio Olimpico

Lazio: Method of Transportation to Get to the Stadio Olimpico

Where Can I Meet Up with Fellow Laziali Before the Match?

Ponte Milvio and Piazza della Libertà are two locations in which fellow Laziali will always be situated before a match. In addition, Al Grottino del Laziale is a restaurant owned by a Laziale which is covered in Biancocelesti swag and L’Osteria di Birra del Borgo Roma is another good restaurant to attend that is right near a bus number 32 stop; both are around 10-15 minutes away from the Stadio Olimpico by car, but around 50 minutes by foot.

A Brief Note From ‘The Laziali’ Team

Stadio Olimpico, Source- Official S.S.Lazio

Lazio: Stadio Olimpico, Source- Official S.S.Lazio

We hope this guide has assisted you; make sure to post pictures of your visit to the Stadio Olimpico by using the hashtag #TheLaziali on Facebook or Twitter! Until then, Enjoy Rome and Forza Lazio Sempre!

Note: If there is anything that you believe is missing from this article, be sure to reach out to us via social media to better help Laziali have a pleasant experience while visiting Rome.

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To converse with fellow Laziali, visit r/Lazio, a subreddit on Reddit made by Lazio fans, for Lazio fans

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