Stefano Mauri Warns Lazio of Hellas Verona

Former Lazio captain Stefano Mauri has warned the Biancocelesti ahead of their clash with Hellas Verona this evening. The Veronese side have been performing above expectations so far this season and Mauri, speaking to Radiosei, highlighted the importance of tonight’s match for Simone Inzaghi’s side.

“Certainly Verona is superior to Spal, their ranking speaks for itself. They come off the back of many positive results and have gained self-esteem. Lazio clearly remain favourites but they will have to be good at approaching this game with the same competitive spirit and same heat as Sunday. If the Biancocelesti take the lead and open up spaces, they can be deadly. They rely heavily on physical appearance and individuality. tomorrow’s game will allow them to definitely acquire the Champions League goal, 13 points is a big lead.”

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