Lazio holds two Scudetti from the 1974 and 2000 seasons. The first was received when Mister Tommaso Maestrelli led the forces of “Banda Maestrelli” with Giorgio Chinaglia, Pino Wilson and Re Cecconi. The second came from Sven-Göran Eriksson’s last gasp scudetto win after Alessandro Calori scored a marvelous goal against Juventus in the rain. Since then, all Laziali have dreamt of, is a new possibility to fight for the title after the meltdown of the Sergio Cragnotti era. However, what if we told you that the Biancocelesti could potentially claim their third Scudetto without playing in a full Serie A season. How?” One may ask? Well, by securing a Scudetto that dates back a hundred years Indiana Jones-style – this is the 1915 Scudetto.

Lazio’s squad during the 1914/15 Season, Source- Mondo Udinese

During the 1914/15 season, the Serie A TIM championship was divided into three divisions ranging from North, Central, and South. However, this championship was suspended before the end due to Italy entering the First World War, and Lazio’s players – amongst others – leaving to fight other battles in Europe.

The Biancocelesti’s last opponents were Lucchese, who withdrew from the competition due to bankruptcy, so a match was never played. However, Genoa still had a tough game against Torino to play. This is why when the Scudetto was rewarded by the Federation to I Grifoni – possibly due to medial and political pressure – it was much to the disliking of all Laziali, as Lazio had the most points among the groups.

Gianluca Mignogna, Source-

Lawyer and Laziale Gianluca Mignogna has for some time now led an initiative and started a petition – that has now reached over 33,000 signatures – to acquire attention to the matter from the media and the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC). Mignogna’s team has gathered information and documents from the time that supports the idea that Lazio should have been awarded the Scudetto. He now demands, based on this evidence, that Lazio retrospectively should be awarded the Scudetto together with Genoa. The documents have been sent to the FIGC who have now started their own investigation, but a real response or verdict has not yet been given.

The reasons behind this are due to its delicate matter and the fact that FIGC has been busy handling the chaos left behind by former president Carlo Tavecchio; they are still trying to elect a new President. This May, it is said that the next election will take place; then maybe then the matter will be addressed properly but we will never know for sure…

Mignogna has not given up and hopefully, we will hear more soon; President of Lazio Claudio Lotito and the rest of the club have for obvious reasons not commented on the matter, especially since Lotito has earlier been involved with FIGC and has political ambitions he does not want to interfere with.

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