Gian Luca Mignogna Comments on the 1915 Scudetto

Yesterday morning, as featured in Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport, Journalist Italo Cucci responded to a Lazio fan who asked him for insights regarding the Scudetto of the 1914/15 season. There has been a lack of communication over what is happening in court surrounding the issue; as it stands Genoa holds the title, but unrighteously.

“I won’t go into the details of the event. I’m just saying that sports news can be updated to manipulate history. This is a sort of operation that occurs in this country of saints, poets, sailors, and counterfeiters daily. And it does not sit well with me…”

“In 1964, the Italian Football Federation proposed to award the 1927 Scudetto to Bologna, revoked from Torino for corruption. But us Bolognese said: ‘We do not want the Scudetto of the others’.

Today, everyone wants Scudetti which are disappered in the pages of history. How about thinking about winning new ones? As we are seeing this year, anything is possible… We will dedicate those non-existent titles to born losers.”

Following these comments, lawyer Gian Luca Mignogna – who has been fighting to bring Lazio justice for the 1914/15 Scudetto for quite some time – released a statement in response to Italo Cucci.

“Honestly, I hadn’t even noticed Italo Cucci’s statements about the 1915 Scudetto – they have recently posted his statements on the Corriere dello Sport.”

“I don’t think they deserve a particular answer, but I think it is right to reply briefly only to those few Lazio fans who read that newspaper.”

“Corriere dello Sport should ‘justify’ why, in almost five years, they have spent very little time towards a story that abroad – as well as in other Italian newspapers – has had much more of an echo…”

“This is the truth: the real manipulators at the time were those who decided who would be awarded the 1915 Scudetto; today it is those who are deliberately obscuring our claim which is absolutely legitimate and proven. Evidently for very specific editorial and commercial purposes.

“A sports man and a professional should have never uttered those statements. In my opinion, it is only the loser who does not have the courage, strength, and nobility of mind to embrace the reasons of justice and truth.”

“But we have to make up for it – Italian history is marked by characters who have profaned its identity and credibility.”

“I am the first to hope that Inzaghi’s Lazio win the 2020 Scudetto but this does not mean that the club do not have every right to the one from 1915.”

“I add and conclude that to Mr. Cucci – with which he made undue comparisons of Lazio to Bologna’s 1927 Scudetto title – that the Rossoblu have a request pending with the FIGC regarding that title. Before speaking, you should probably be informed and have studied your facts well…”

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