Marco Sommella: “Ciro Immobile Feels at Home at Lazio”

Marco Sommella – the agent of Ciro Immobile – spoke to Radio Incontro Olympia to comment about the Italian striker on his 30th birthday.

Ciro is an extraordinary striker. If he were a foreigner in the Serie A, he would surely have greater consideration than he currently has. His statistics are uncontestable. But in Italy we don’t have Kylian Mbappé, Edinson Cavani, Robert Lewandowski, or Erling Haaland… so let’s hold onto Immobile. Right now, he would win the Golden Shoe; Laziali should keep him close and always support him.”

“In Rome they all love him. They have learned how to appreciate him for his humility and generosity on both the pitch, but at home with his family.”

“Lazio was a well-considered choice in 2016. At that moment, Ciro needed a team that believed in him; he came from the unexciting experiences with Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla.”

“Before he transferred to Germany, Borussia had made the Champions League final and had won the Bundesliga; he was to replace the recently departed Lewandowski. How could he decline that offer? Unfortunately, that was the end of a good cycle for the club…”

“When he came back to Italy, Lazio – on the contrary – was a logical destination. We hoped that he could recover the form that he had when he was with Pescara and Torino.”

“For Ciro to do well, he must feel trusted by the fans and they must make him feel important.”

“His relationship with Simone Inzaghi? It is special and cannot be replaced. Both often repeat it. Ciro was lucky enough to find a manager ready to bet everything on him; as a result, he gave his maximum. This has since become a winning combination .”

“Will he stay at Lazio forever? In Rome, he feels at home. He left Torre Annunziata 15 years ago. Together with his wife Jessica he chose Rome, perhaps also because it is halfway between Napoli and Pescara. The fans will enjoy him for a long time.”

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