‘Irriducibili’ Disband, ‘Ultras Lazio’ Formed

After almost 33 years, the word “Irriducibili” will no longer be seen in the Curva Nord at the Stadio Olimpico. As announced by the leaders of the Lazio Ultras group (in February of 2020), Gli Irriducibili will disband, changing their name to become Ultras Lazio. The reason given for the disbanding is reported to be a clampdown on violent, racist and anti-Semitic elements in the Ultras movement. In addition, the assassination of their former leader, Fabrizio Piscitelli – known to many as Diabolik – which took place just seven months ago, still lingers in the back of the group’s mind. Below, the official statement from the group.

“As with all things in life, there is a beginning and, inevitably, an end. There is a time for everything, even for those fantastic, glorious stories; sooner or later, the curtain falls. The important thing is to have lived these stories, as protagonists or even lions. Experiencing it dangerously, without regrets, and without remorse.”

“There have been exciting and difficult moments, happy and sad days. It all started on 18 October 1987, when, in a quiet match between Lazio and Padova, a banner with ‘Irriducibili’ appeared on the steps of the Stadio Olimpico. 10 meters of fabric, white writing, and a light blue background. Little would have thought that this name would soon become our symbol; our gauntlet to the whole world.”

“But too much blood, too many banning orders, and too many arrests have occurred. So, after 33 years, we have decided to disband the group. From today, there will be a new dawn for the Curva Nord. For the first time, only one banner will be present in the stands, behind which all the Lazio supporters will be gathered: Ultras Lazio. We have the same desire as ever, the same enthusiasm and adrenaline.”

“Ad Maiora (Latin phrase for ‘towards greater things’) Irriducibili!”.

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