Marco Canigiani, Marketing Manager at Lazio, spoke to Lazio Style Radio 89.3 today. In the interview, he gave an update on the number of tickets sold for Lazio vs Bologna, set to take place at the Stadio Olimpico this upcoming weekend.

“We have sold more than 14,000 tickets and are now looking to have around 36,000 spectators. There is still availability in the Distinti South East, so at the moment, there is no plan of opening up the Curva Sud. There are promotions in the Tribuna Tevere and Tribuna Monte Mario, so the ticket sales will come mostly from there.”

“Will there be Bologna fans? We have not yet received different indications, so therefore, the sale of tickets contonue. Up to yesterday, there was data on a hundred ‘away fan’ tickets. The situation regarding coronavirus is anomalous; we live day by day and are moving towards improvement. We hope to return to ‘normal’ soon.”

“On the day of the match, all shops and Lazio stores will be open to buy tickets. The ‘Sky’ promotion is going very well and the ‘Bus Insieme‘ service – a system for ‘Bus Sharing’ – takes minimal to get it started. However, I know that the fans are organizing it because they are used to it by now. This convenience is bringing back the desire to go to the Stadio Olimpico. By completing activities such as these over the years, we are able to preserve our core and prepare the stadium, enhanced by the team’s results. It’s a job that started from afar, which has increased season ticket holders.”