How Much Lazio Could Save by Cutting Player Salaries


In response to COVID-19, the current global pandemic wreaking havoc across the world, Juventus publicly announced that they had found an agreement with the players and manager of their first team to cut their salaries for four months (March, April, May, and June).

The first club to implement such an approach, the economic and financial effects of this understanding amongst the club will allow the Bianconeri to save €90 million.

An approach that has attracted divided opinions, the rest of the clubs in Italy – and the rest of the world – may have to implement these measures sooner than later if they wish to save themselves from a serious economic and financial crisis.


If Lazio were to follow in Juventus’ footsteps, the Biancocelesti could save a total of €13.3 million. This calculation was completed by looking at the total salaries which are paid by the club in one year (€40 million), dividing the total amount (€40 million) by 12 months (which totals to €3.33 million) to get the per month amount, and finally multiplying it four to account for March, April, May, and June (which totals to €13.3 million).

On the contrary, if Lazio were to follow the model that Barcelona implemented – which starts to cut salaries as of March 14th – the €13.3 million would be expected to be cut by 30%; therefore, €12 million would be saved.

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