1915 Scudetto: “Genoa Was Not the National Champion”

After reviewing the ‘FIGC Official Yearbook of 1926/1927′, Gian Luca Mignogna – the lawyer who has been working to properly assign Lazio the 1915 Scudetto for nearly five years – discovered new evidence that will assist him in the case. Below, his complete statement.

“Genoa was only the Northern Italian Champion, not the National Italian Champion in the 1914/1915 season. In spite of those who still continue to tell distorted truths, despite the national emergency due to COVID-19, it emerged that in the Official FIGC Yearbook of 1926/1927 (published in 1928), on page 36, it is unequivocally explicit – the Rossoblu were exclusively made the Northern Italian Champion for the 1914/1915 but not the National Italian Champion of that same season.” 

“The aforementioned federal source (on page 36), in verbatim, reports that: ‘The final round was played by Torino, Inter, Milan, and Genoa, but, with the outbreak of the war with Austria, the last few matches were suspended. The award was attributed to Genoa after the war’. And in the ‘Albo d’Oro’ (Hall of Fame) section in the book, it clearly states that the 1914/15 Season is ‘suspended’, thus clarifying – if proof was ever needed – that what is specified on page 36 could only refer to the final phase of the Northern Italian Championship. Lastly, the word ‘continue’ stands out in this section at the end; this suggests that in the next edition of the FIGC Offical Yearbook, that what had happened in the 1914/1915 Central-Southern Italian Championship, would have been reported.”

FIGC Official Yearbook of 1926/1927, Source- LazioStory.it

“As we know, the Central-Southern Championship in 1914/1915 was won by Lazio; but the following year, the FIGC Official Yearbook was not published. Suspiciously, just two years later, it was published again. However, it never reported anything related to the events that showed that the Biancocelesti were the 1914/15 Central-Southern champions.”

“Lastly, it should be emphasized that further documents are currently being examined by the writer, which could soon explain how and why the assignment of the Northern title to Genoa was exploited and/or at least misunderstood, to the point of wrongly awarding them the Scudetto.”

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