1915 Scudetto: Giancarlo Rizzoglio Responds to Gian Luca Mignogna

After reviewing the ‘FIGC Official Yearbook of 1926/1927′ in March of 2020, Gian Luca Mignogna – the lawyer who has been working to properly assign Lazio the 1915 Scudetto for nearly five years – discovered new evidence that would assist him in the case. This was the fact that the source stated that “Genoa was only the Northern Champion, not the National Champion in the 1914/1915 season.” 

After announcing a statement to make this information public, in today’s edition of Il Secolo XIX – an Italian newspaper published in Genoa, Italy – Rossoblu historian Giancarlo Rizzoglio responded to Mignogna. Below, his response.

“Documents should always be read in full, without omissions, and avoiding to comment on solely the most convenient excerpts. The source clearly states that Nothern Italian Championship was the most respected league, with 36 teams divided into six groups, all from Northern Italy; no reference is made to the Central and Southern Italian Championships. This proves that when the Scudetto was awarded, only the Northern Italian Championship was taken into consideration, for the known technical superiority that this league had.”

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