As COVID-19 continues to ravage through the world, footballers have started to take action to reduce the spread and help those in need. This has been seen by various players making donations to their hometowns and nearby hospitals; Lazio’s trio of Spaniard’s Luis Alberto, Jony, and Patric are the latest to take part.

Spain has the second most reported cases of COVID-19 and the third-highest amount of fatalities. As all three aforementioned players are born in the European country, each has contributed in their own way.

  • Luis Alberto has donated €12,000 to San José del Valle, a small town in Andalusia (which is also his hometown)
  • Jony and his wife Teresa Lopez bought masks, gloves, and disinfectant for the hospital in Cangas del Narcea (the oldest municipality in the Principality of Asturias)
  • Patric has provided financial assistance to Intedis, an association in Mula (that helps people who have intellectual disabilities)