Joaquin Correa, Source- Getty Images
Joaquin Correa, Source- Getty Images

Ever since he arrived at Lazio from La Liga outfit Sevilla, Joaquin Correa has quickly become a fan favorite amongst fans of the Biancocelesti, creating several moments of brilliance in his two years in Rome. He has scored 17 goals and provided 10 assists in 71 total appearances with the club.

On an Instagram Live Stream with his friend Bruno Rossetti, the Argentine gave some lengthy comments, including a response to a question about the most important moments in his career.

“Important moments in my career? My debut was one of the best moments. We were doing well in the championship. I can’t speak in Italian, at all. To the Lazio players who are watching the live broadcast ‘Try to learn some Spanish’.”

“Going back to Estudiantes? My heart is there, they taught me to be a man and a player. La Liga and Serie A are very different, there is a lot of tactics here, but I like both of them. The most important goal of my career? I scored in the Coppa Italia final, but I think the most important was against Milan in the semi-final at San Siro.”

“I am training alone, I work here at home. We cannot go out, nothing is known yet. We are waiting. What am I missing? My fiancée, family and playing football. Waking up in the morning and knowing that I don’t have to go to train or that I don’t play on Sunday is bad.”