Macron Donates 5.6 Million Face Masks to Italy

Macron and Lazio

The news is largely full of gloom and doom at the minute but every now and then a truly positive story appears and shines a light in these dark times. Macron, the technical kit sponsor of Lazio, have planned and launched a non-profit project titled ‘stopcovid-19 / macron #noicisiamo’, in which they have committed to helping supply the country of Italy, both its citizens and frontline health workers, with personal protective equipment such as face masks and protective bodysuits.┬áIn fact, Macron transported this equipment yesterday, bringing at least 6 planes worth of gear from Asia; with 5.6 million face masks and 20 thousand body suits provided so far, and more expected to arrive as April draws on. This is a fantastic gesture from Lazio’s sponsors, with the company combating the spread of Coronavirus in Italy head-on and with equipment ready to be distributed around the country.