This is How Coronavirus is Affecting Sports

Soccer Pitch, Source-TigerTurf
Soccer Pitch, Source-TigerTurf

There’s no shying away from the fact that coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has affected all major industries across the globe. The concept of social distancing brought in the spotlight has affected the sports world to a great extent. A few months ago, people weren’t taking this seriously, but now the entire population of the world has restrained themselves within the four walls of the house. It is fair enough to say every part of the sports industry has been affected. Beginning from celebrities down to the production of sports equipment, everything has witnessed the drastic effects of coronavirus.

The massive uproar of this pandemic doesn’t seem to come down any sooner. This has led to a global health emergency and has already sent shockwaves to all parts of the world. Although there are many countries that are safe but still they are taking measures to control the public gatherings. A lot of people have lost their jobs and are at the receiving end of the damage that has been caused by this global issue. You can visit to know about the latest information about your favourite sports.

In the early days of January, things were under control, but when several countries started complaining about new cases, this is when several countries across the globe started to reschedule sports matches. It was only when WHO launched a global health emergency that all the international tournaments got cancelled. The intriguing thing to note about the sports industry is, it had already surpassed the $471 billion mark last year, but now it is expected to cripple. Coronavirus has compelled factories to stop producing sports equipment, and many notable personalities have lost contact. No wonder, this year has proved the worst in this century.

Before coronavirus, experts were predicting to cross the $1 trillion mark, but it seems that this pandemic will cause massive damage to the sports industry in the coming months ahead. Secondly, with the media not being able to cover sports personalities on a daily basis, it is tough to tell about the whereabouts of your favourite sportsmen. Not to forget, there are three major aspects that generate income for sports: broadcasting, day one revenue, and sponsorships. Now that everything has been closed, the revenue for the sports industry is not there. Furthermore, with no vaccination available to date, no one knows how long it will take for the sports industry to hit back on the ground.

Professional leagues are sports companies that allow different channels to stream matches. They earn a lot of money through digital platforms. Every team is different because of their identity. Secondly, mainstream sports rely on the incomes provided by leagues. Luckily, the income provided by matches has increased drastically in the last ten years. This year was also expected to be a golden one for the sports world. However, everything has taken a different turn, and it seems, COVID 19 is the real player in the field right now.