Matteo Materazzi: “Stefan Radu Has Refused Many Offers”

By Steven Moore -
Stefan Radu, Source-
Stefan Radu, Source-

Matteo Materazzi, the agent of Stefan Radu, spoke to Italian news outlet Tutto Mercato Web about the current situation concerning Serie A, Lazio, and his client’s past and future.

“There is little clarity and a lot of confusion. The league and government should be clearer and definitively say what will happen with the Serie A. Football is one of the major components of the Italian culture; it would probably be a catastrophe if the 2019/20 season didn’t end. If and when the country decides to allow important supply chains to recommence, I think football should be part of it: I hope common sense will come out on top.”

“Lazio has worked very hard to build what it has today. Of all the teams in the league, they are the ones who probably suffered the most from this break (due to their unreal form); it is normal for me to have such an aggressive attitude about the league being suspended.”

“If Radu is ready to play again? He definitely wants to get back on the field as soon as possible, he is training more than before to be ready. I am sure that if the championship starts again tomorrow morning, he would be ready to play ninety minutes.”

“Radu has refused important offers while playing for Lazio. Last summer, he didn’t feel like going to another Italian club, although there was the possibility of making more money. Is his contract set to expire in the summer of 2021 with Lazio? Yes, but we haven’t talked about a possible renewal with the club yet.”

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