Luis Alberto: “I Will Stay at Lazio Until 2025”

Lazio midfielder Luis Alberto has given a lengthy interview to Spanish sports journalist Javier Bautista on Instagram Live, in which he covered several issues, including his readiness to get back on the field once sports are allowed to resume and his future with the Biancocelesti, which despite being under question in recent summers, appears to be committed to the long-term.

“The first month was a bit bad, I was without my family. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been fine. I have a big house and I have all the exercises here to train. I have always been able to train well. I have a lot of space and a swimming pool. I’m going crazy about how much training I do.”

“It has been two months since we stopped and I don’t even want to think if the championship was suspended, at which point it would be eight months. We will start training on Wednesday, individually, with a mask, goggles and gloves, but they have not explained it well to us yet. There will be two players per field but I don’t know anymore. I miss touching the ball and shooting on goal. Physically I’m fine, I really hope to start again as soon as possible.”

“Contract renewal? I think it will come soon. If this breakout of Coronavirus had not happened, it would have already arrived. I will stay here until 2025.”

“Simone Inzaghi is supportive, he gives me a lot of affection. I believe that when I arrived, he didn’t even know what my name was. I have a very good relationship with him and he has always treated me well. In difficult moments he was always with me. Not only with me, with everyone. He has a very familiar way of doing things. He has been a footballer and knows when we need a little more freedom. If you have a family problem, talk to him about it.”

“We all know each other, we have been together for four or five years. This is very noticeable. We have beaten Juve twice, both in the league and in the Super Cup. 22 games without losing, 18 wins, the team speaks for itself. We must not lose concentration and fight to the end for the championship, which nobody expected.”

“The primary objective is that of the Champions League. If we don’t qualify, they’ll kill us. We don’t want to talk about the Scudetto, because our real goal is to reach the Champions League, which we missed out on twice. Everyone’s head is to qualify mathematically for the Champions League, after which we will talk about the championship. If Lazio win the Scudetto? I will dye my hair light blue.”

“The Roman derby is more heated than that of Seville. There is a very strong rivalry. You arrive on the first day of retreat and they immediately tell you about the derby. The week before the match? You can’t even leave the house.”

“Lazio fans make spectacular choreographies. I remember one made with lights to form an eagle.”

“The city is beautiful, there are many people. It is very similar to Spain, it didn’t take me too long to get used to it. In Italy, you eat well and you feel good.”

“Supporters? Their idol is Ciro Immobile. New stadium? We’ve talked about it, but I think we’ll stay at the Stadio Olimpico.”

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