Lazio Consumer Committee Create Online Petition to Resume the 2019/20 Serie A Season

On May 4, 2020, the Comitato Consumatori Lazio (Lazio Consumer Committee) created an online petition named “COVID-19 | FOOTBALL AND THE EMPLOYMENT IT INCURS: NO TO THE STOP PUT FORTH BY THE DECREE!”which was announced through an official statement on Lazio Story.

Led by Lawyer Gian Luca Mignogna – who is also fighting for Società Sportiva Lazio’s claim of the 1915 Scudetto – this initiative was started with regard to the social, economic, sporting and employment concerns involved with football, and in order to avoid any legal disputes between Italian football clubs and the country itself; the petition involves anyone that is connected to the football system in any capacity.

For this reason, the Lazio Consumer Committee stated that the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (the administrative structure which supports the Prime Minister of Italy) and the Minister of Sport (Vincenzo Spadafora) should refrain from ordering a stop of the 2019/20 Serie A season by decree and let the football system identify and agree on the best solutions for establishing the times, conditions and methods for resuming the Serie A.


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