Juan Sebastián Verón: “I Have Been Surprised by Inzaghi”

Former Lazio midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron has given a lengthy interview to Italian newspaper La Repubblica about his time with the Biancocelesti. Veron discussed a range of topics, including the famous 99/00 Scudetto winning team, his initial thoughts about current head coach Simone Inzaghi and why he believes that winning trophies with the Lazio shirt is worth more than winning trophies elsewhere.

I am surprised that a film has not yet been shot about May 14, 2000. I was with Sensini listening to the Perugia match on the radio. The ultimate joy cannot be imagined, unfortunately at the time there were still no mobile phones that could record it all. I regret having celebrated too little, because after three days there was the final of the Italian Cup and the lap at the Circus Maximus was skipped because there were too many people. 

“We made history, God did us justice that Sunday. All those controversies that happened in the week meant that ours was an odd title. In fact, we already deserved it the year before. 

“Lazio is a club that has always suffered. Take also this year’s one, an amazing ride and a pandemic breaks out. Nobody can know what will happen. Winning with the Lazio shirt is worth more than doing it elsewhere. The group was good at putting personal interests aside and playing as a team. The unity of purpose made the difference, the merit was also of Eriksson. Almeyda and Simeone did not find space at first, then they were decisive. 

“Inzaghi? I was surprised by him, he has matured considerably. He is the biggest surprise. When we were in the team together he was very young, he never played football. Only women or other things, however not football. I’m happy for his evolution, he’s fantastic. I’m cheering for him.”

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