Igli Tare: “Cancelling the Season Would Be a Social Disaster”

Lazio sporting director Igli Tare has given an interview to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, with quotes via CittaCeleste, about several topics: including Lazio’s 99/00 Scudetto win, the impact of potentially cancelling the Serie A season and the truth about Lazio president Claudio Lotito.

“99/00? I was seeing the game in my home in Kaiserslautern, I was with a group of friends. The Lazio game was over, in Perugia in that storm it never seemed to end, then it was a league title. We are there, we will try to win it if Serie A were to resume, otherwise we will try next year. We won’t stop here.

“Those who say we want to restart for personal interests understand nothing. There are still 36 points at stake and Lazio are not so silly. Football gives 370 thousand people a living, if it stops it will be a failure for many, a social disaster. Stopping now would almost certainly mean not playing even in September: many months of inactivity would be hallucinatory.

“Spadafora? I can’t think that his mistakes are made on purpose, it would be irresponsible. But certainly in other countries they are helping football, I think of Germany, Spain, England. In Italy and France it is not so. I think the French government will lose many civil cases with the clubs, let’s avoid a summer in the courts too. The German health protocol is undoubtedly the best.

“Lotito? He is perceived badly and it is also the fault of those who describe reality superficially. Lotito is a brave and determined man. He always supported me. He gave me two hours to decide if I wanted to become the sporting director of Lazio, I told him I was just a footballer, but in my heart I had already decided. 

“Am I atypical? Even as a footballer I was like that. I don’t frequent my environment very much, I prefer to stay at home to read or study. You can live outside the flock.”

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