Laziali Worldwide, Switzerland: Fabian

Laziali Worldwide, Switzerland
Laziali Worldwide, Switzerland

Although Società Sportiva Lazio is based in Rome, Italy, its followers spread to all corners of the globe. It is for this reason that Laziali Worldwide was created. Through online interviews prepared and conducted by The Laziali, supporters of the Italian Serie A football club worldwide will not only be able to share their stories but also be able to connect with other fans of La Prima Squadra della Capitale. Below, The Laziali’s complete interview with Fabian from Switzerland.


Fabian Gecaj
Fabian, @fbngcj

What is your name?

Hello, my name is Fabian.

Which city and country are you from?

I am from Lucerne, Switzerland.

How long have you been a Lazio supporter?

When I played as Lazio in FIFA 07 when I was 10 years old.

How did you become a Lazio supporter?

I started watching football regularly and supporting Lazio in the 2014/15 season, mostly because of my favourite players Lorik Cana and Miroslav Klose.

Based on your understanding, how would you describe the size of the Lazio fanbase in your location?

Since there are a lot of Italians living in Switzerland, I guess there must be a pretty big Lazio fanbase. Unfortunately, there is no German-speaking community anywhere in Switzerland.

Does your locality have a Lazio club where fans can gather to view matches? If so, do you participate? If not, would you be interested in establishing one?

There is none… But I would like to meet up in a pub with Lazio fans and watch the matches!


Lazio, Source- Official S.S. Lazio
Lazio, Source- Official S.S. Lazio

Who is your current favorite Lazio player? Why?

Luis Alberto. You can see the huge difference when he is on the pitch.

Who is your all-time favorite Lazio player? Why?

Miroslav Klose. Not just as a professional football player, but also his sportsmanship and the respect he always shown on and off the pitch, make him one of the greatest.

Do you have a favorite Lazio memory? If so, what is the memory?

Beating Juve twice in a row in 2017 and 2019.

Do you have a favorite Lazio match? If so, which match and why?

The Derby della Capitale in early 2019, which we won 3-0. I was in the Stadio Olimpico and the atmosphere was something very special.

Do you have a favorite Lazio jersey? If so, which jersey and why?

The current 120 year anniversary kit is a beauty and I hope we can make it unforgettable with winning the Scudetto.

Which one of Lazio’s 16 trophies is your favorite? Why?

After tough games against Milan and Inter, it felt great beating Atalanta in the 2019 Coppa Italia final.


Lazio Choreography at the Stadio Olimpico, Source- Official S.S. Lazio
Lazio Choreography at the Stadio Olimpico, Source- Official S.S. Lazio

In your opinion, which player has been the ‘biggest disappointment’ in Lazio’s history? Why?

Ravel Morrison seemed to have a lot of potential, but he clearly failed and still is failing in smaller Leagues. Financially seen its not a big loss, but a lot of wasted talent.

In your opinion, which player has been the best ‘surprise signing’ in Lazio’s history? Why?

Speaking of failing, Ciro Immobile did not well at Borussia Dortmund or Sevilla, so I was surprised when he joined Lazio, but the rest is history.

In your opinion, which player has been the ‘best signing’ in Lazio’s history? Why?

Signing Luis Alberto was something unexpected. It was like buying a pig in a poke, but it turned out to be one of the best transfers ever made. Igli Tare is doing a fantastic job!

Which current Lazio player do you feel is the most valuable to the team? Why?

Sergej, due to his age, potential and market value.

If you had to choose between one or the other, would you keep Luis Alberto or Sergej Milinkovic-Savic? Why?

Probably Milinkovic-Savic, because he is younger and has the potential to be one of the best.

Should Simone Inzaghi leave Lazio, who would you next like to see managing the club next?

Diego Simeone would be something special and I can see it happen one day. But I also like to mention former FC Zurich Coach, Bernard Challandes, who is currently doing an extraordinary job with the Kosovan National Team and still can qualify for the Euros.

Are there any players that you specifically want Lazio to sign? If so, which players and why?

Kumbulla seems a realistic transfer for this summer, I would like to see this deal happen. But secretly I dream of Werder Bremen’s Milot Rashica in a Lazio Jersey…

What position do you think that Lazio needs to reinforce the most ahead of the 2020/21 season? Why?

We need to reinforce our defence and both flanks if we want to compete with the big boys in the Champions League.

Final Words

Lazio Choreography at the Stadio Olimpico, Source- Official S.S. Lazio
Lazio Choreography at the Stadio Olimpico, Source- Official S.S. Lazio

Is there anything else that you would like to add regarding your experience with Lazio?

I’m looking forward to some great games and titles in the future.