June 7, 1908: Lazio Wins the Central-Southern Championship

Lazio, 1908, Central-Southern Champions

The 1907/08 Italian Championship was the first football season that all clubs based in Rome were able to play. This included Foot Ball Club di Roma (Roman), Club Sportivo Virtus, and Società Podistica Lazio; the latter who immediately imposed themselves on its rivals by winning 2-0 against Roman, and 3-0 against Virtus, and later became the Champion of the Region of Lazio. As a result of this success, Lazio first played against Siena in Perugia (by which the Biancocelesti won 5-0), before being invited to Pisa to participate in the interregional finals in June 1908.

This event was scheduled to be over several days, until June 7, 1908, when the final would be played and the Central-Southern Champions would be crowned. Accepting the invitation, Lazio played three matches on June 7, 1908 – the first against Lucca (3-0 victory at 10:00 am), the second against Spes Livorno (4-0 victory at 2:00 pm), and the third against Virtus Juventusque Livorno (1-0 victory at 4:30 pm) – to win the tournament. They fielded the same players in every one of the three matches.

Below is the complete Lazio squad that won the 1907/08 Central-Southern Championship.

  • Goalkeepers: Bompiani, Forlivesi, Zaccagna
  • Defenders: Andreoli, Canalini, Stefferint, Della Longa, Federici, Marrajeni, Pellicciari
  • Midfielders: Dos Santos, Faccani, Mariotti, Omodei-Zorini, Pellegrini, Zucchi (II)
  • Attackers: Ancherani, Baldi, Corelli (I), Corelli (II), Daiber, Fantacone, Ferracciù, Masini, Matteini, Mizzi, Saraceni (I), Scicluna, Zucchi (I)
  • Manager: Baccani
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