Top 10 Lazio Captains

Lazio is not only a football club, it is a history full of passion and high expectations. While many impressive athletes have played for the club, being named as captain is one of the most recognized titles to have. Below, in no particular order, is a list of the top 10 captains in the Biancocelesti’s history. 

Current Lazio Captain Senad Lulic Hoisting the Coppa Italia
Senad Lulic Hoisting the Coppa Italia

Silvio Piola

This man was a real legend of Lazio. The list of his accomplishments will tell everything about this magnificent striker, who was also Lazio’s captain in 1936-1943. Piola is: the greatest goalscorer in Lazio history (159 goals), the greatest goalscorer in the history of the Italian championship (274 goals), a World Cup winner (1938) with Italy.

Fulvio Bernardini

This athlete was the youngest player to start his full-fledged career at the club. In 1919, this Lazio youth player got his debut in football at the age of 13 years and 10 months! He was even younger than a student at college. In 1925-1926, Fulvio was the team’s captain. The name of this talented midfielder is ingrained in Lazio’s history. 

Alessandro Nesta

This elegant defender deserves writing a separate article dedicated to his impressive service for the development of Italian football. Writing a biography of this person can be more challenging for an assignment expert than providing assignment help for Canadian scholars! Nesta was the club’s captain in 1998-2002. During that time, he had won: Scudetto (1), UEFA Super Cup (1), UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1), Coppa Italia (2), and Supercoppa Italiana (1). 

Giuseppe Wilson

This devoted captain is known as the symbol of the club’s earliest significant victories even though it is definitely not a person an average student from Canada would know. Giuseppe was known for his British roots that determined his aggressive manner of play. He also became a legend at Lazio after lifting the club’s first Serie A title in 1974.

Giorgio Chinaglia

This legendary goalscorer was known for his innovative style of play. Chinaglia combined a truly academic understanding of the game with his impressive physical parameters. With Lazio, Chinaglia became the Italian champion in 1974. He also was the club’s captain in 1974-1975. As a player who played in the United States of America, he is well-known by the North American public.

Giuseppe Favalli

Writing about this player is an obligatory assignment for any Lazio fan. At Lazio, Favalli had won the Italian championship in 2000, the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, three Coppa Italia, and two Supercoppa Italiana. Also, he was the club’s captain in 2002-2004 and became the player with the most appearances in Lazio’s history (401 matches in 1992-2004). Despite all such honours, this player is criminally underrated. 

Massimo Oddo

This player was one of the best Lazio captains after the golden generation of Nesta and Favalli. On the pitch, this right-back could be compared to a manager experienced in a wide range of services. Oddo was a natural leader who led his team as a captain in 2006-2007 before moving to the legendary German club Bayern Munich. In 2006, he represented the club when Italy win the World Cup. 

Tommaso Rocchi

Unlike custom forwards on this list, Tommaso Rocchi was never a top striker of the Italian championship, but his devotion and effort had made him a club legend. Rocchi was a smart forward who organized the game like a writer organizes his text; he scored 105 goals during his time at Lazio. The club responded to his devotion by making Rocchi its captain from 2008-2013. 

Giuseppe Signori

This striker was one of the most talented Italian players of the 1990s, which was a great time for Italian football. Signori truly expressed his talent during his ‘service’ at Lazio where he: became the second greatest goalscorer in the club’s history (127 goals), three times became the Capocannoniere of the Serie A, played as a captain for three years (1994-1997).  

Senad Lulic

When this talented Bosnian midfielder had ‘signed the paper’ with the club in 2011, nobody expected that he would become its legend. Nonetheless, since 2017, Lulic is Lazio’s captain and one of its strongest players. This devoted and aggressive athlete is known for his character that allows him to become the leader of Lazio’s modern generation, which proves to be very promising.