Lazio, 1915 Scudetto: Summary of Supporting Evidence

As football has resumed in Italy, so will Gian Luca Mignogna’s efforts in assigning Lazio the 1915 Scudetto.

Following a three month lockdown due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the Italian Lawyer is set to remind the FIGC (Italian Football Federation) about the case he has put together, which all Laziali hope will be resolved sooner rather than later. Below is a summary of the supporting evidence that he has found pertaining to the case.

  1. In the May 24th-25th, 1915 edition of ‘Il Mattino’ – an Italian daily newspaper published in Napoli, Italy – it is clearly stated that the Naples Foot-Ball Club-Internazionale Napoli match was solely a friendly, with the referee being Attilio Bruschini of Naples Foot-Ball Club. This is because the FIGC had already ordered the suspension of the league.
  2. In the June 18th, 1920 edition of ‘L’Italia Sportiva’ – the former ‘Official Newspaper of the FIGC’ – it states in black and white that Lazio was the Central-Southern Champion of the 1914/15 season.
  3. On page 36 of the ‘FIGC Official Yearbook of 1926/1927‘ (published in 1928), it is unequivocally explicit in stating that the Rossoblu were made the Northern Italian Champion in the 1914/1915 season, but not the National Italian Champion of that same season. The page states, in verbatim, that “the final round was played by Torino, Inter, Milan, and Genoa, but, with the outbreak of the war with Austria, the last few matches were suspended; the award was attributed to Genoa after the war.”
  4. On page 63, in the ‘Albo d’Oro’ (Hall of Fame) section in the book, it clearly states that the 1914/15 Season is ‘suspended’. This clarifies that what is specified on page 36 – regarding Genoa – could only be referring to the final phase of the Northern Italian Championship.

In support of the aforementioned evidence, an ‘Explanatory Statement’ was made regarding Genoa’s unjust assignment of the title in April 2020 that has been filed.

Furthermore, a ‘Critical Note’ will be published and filed in the federal documents against the Italian Wikipedia page dedicated to the 1914/15 Championship, which is aimed at diverting users from the historical truths that emerged in the research regarding this case.

Finally, the documents certifying how, when, and why Genoa being named as the Northern Championship in the 1914/15 season was exploited (and/or at least misunderstood) will be disclosed and filed with the FIGC.

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