COVID-19: All Lazio Players Tested Negative on Friday

Ciro Immobile / S.S. Lazio, Source – Official S.S. Lazio

All Lazio players have tested negative for the new coronavirus, after some instances of false-positive tests. In recent weeks, Lazio has been dealing with issues of players testing positive for Covid-19.

Only last week, striker Ciro Immobile tested positive for the virus. However, Lazio announced it was a false-positive result. Immobile managed to play against Torino.

Confronted with multiple false-positive tests, S.S.Lazio turned to a second lab, Avellinese laboratory, for more accurate results.

The director of the laboratory, biologist Walter Taccone, stated the following:

The Lazio players tested by our lab are all negative. And we tested every one on the Lazio team.

The test performed by the Avellinese laboratory is the gold standard, in Italy, of tracing Covid-19. This is the so-called PCR test, with a reliability of 99%.

Three players tested positive originally. A second laboratory repeated the test. The original rapid testing took place at Campus Biomedico, in Rome.

Ciro Immobile, Lucas Leiva, and Thomas Strakosha were originally tested positive, but after the molecular testing, the entire team is fit to play against Juventus on Sunday.

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