Ciro Immobile Respected All Rules Regarding COVID-19

2019/20 Serie A / Matchday 36 / Hellas Verona vs Lazio / Ciro Immobile, Source- Official S.S. Lazio

Ciro Immobile falsely tested positive at the rapid test for Covid-19, which he took before the match with FC Torino last week.

After undergoing another test, the so-called PCR analysis, Lazio’s entire team, including Immobile, were declared negative.

Even so, Ciro Immobile declared in a press statement that he attends to all the health rules and safety measures. The striker says he because he cares deeply about his health and the health of those around him.

I respect the rules, on and off the pitch. That is imperative for me, first of all as a man, and then as a sportsman. I respect all the rules, not only because I care for my health.  I also care for my loved ones, my teammates and my opponents. And, I also I believe that any person who has media visibility must set a good example, especially in this moment of great concern where we are all called to rigorous behaviour to contain the spread of the pandemic.

Even more, Immobile stands against all the controversy on the topic of coronavirus and stated that he is calm and focused.

I do not support the controversy of those who would like to distract me before such an important Serie Amatch. I respected all health protocols and therefore I am calm and concentrateon my work.

Immobile states that he is ready to take legal action to protect his public image against anyone who questions his integrity and professionalism.

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